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Quality Performance Data – for the NHS and everyone else too?

A new Audit Commission report published today assesses progress in improving data quality – especially performance data – in the NHS. It reports on-going problems with embedding a culture of good data quality into NHS organisations. Advertisements

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Damned Targets?

“On Tuesday, the Healthcare Commission report revealed that between 2005 and 2008 there were 400 excess deaths at [Stafford] hospital – although it was impossible to say whether these had all been caused by bad care. The report said there … Continue reading

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Rate your doctor on-line? – another Whitehall-centric initiative

Even when the Government claims to be ’empowering patients’ it manages to do it in a Whitehall-centric way.

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From CPA to CAA – Local Government Gets Lost in Translation?

The Audit Commission published its final CPA (comprehensive performance assessment) report on English local government this week.

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Public Value – the next ‘Big Thing’ in public management?

Are we about to enter a new era of public management? There are good reasons to think that this may be the case.

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Sir Fred Goodwin’s Pension: Pay for Performance?

One thing that the current financial crisis ought to do is raise a serious debate amongst public policy makers about pay for performance – in the private and public sectors.

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The Art of Performance

The major first report by the UK’s latest ‘think tank’, the Institute for Government led by well-known and outspoken former Permanent Secretary Sir Michael Bichard, bodes well for the future of the new body. It is a serious, measured and balanced … Continue reading

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Capable in a Crisis?

Sir Gus O’Donnell, head of the UK civil service, in a recent speech outlined why he thought the British civil service would perform well in the current financial and economic crisis. In an article – “Mandarin-tinted glasses” – published in Public … Continue reading

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